T’was the Night Before the Election – again

Election 2020

I wrote this four years ago, and unfortunately, not much has changed. I hope this brings a little levity to Election 2020.

T’was the night before the election and all through the States, people were worried; some tongues spewing hate.

I, in my blue jeans and soft, fuzzy sweater, signed off of Facebook, all for the better.

Was hoping to see pictures of puppies or s’mores; instead I saw memes and fighting and more.

It saddened me deeply to see all this fright; all griping and moaning – who’s wrong and who’s right.

I fondly remember the elections of yore, when voting was really much less of a chore.

When one would draw a curtain and pull down a lever, be on their way, and hope for the better.

No social media to wear me down; Something really bad happened this time around.

Good friends lament that opinions do matter; Yet once shared, they are all feeling battered.

Families have split over political choices; Colleagues argue and raise up their voices.

Mean comments are left on Facebook and Twitter; Hateful and vicious, making us sicker.

It’s hard to believe that folks will part ways; But it seems that is happening a whole lot these days.

To me it’s not worth living under election duress; I like too many people to lose them over this stress.

If we choose who we like by a sign in their yard; Then these next few days may be really hard.

But if we choose who we like because of genuine care, we won’t have the burden of relationship repair. (Honestly these candidates aren’t worth it – I swear!)

But it’s not their fault we’re all so divided; It’s a decision we made when we first started fighting.

Election Day will bring wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth; Then it will be over – and hopefully we’ll sleep.

No matter who wins, our days won’t much change. We’ll eat, and work and manage someway.

If your neighbor votes red or if they vote blue, you still have to live next to them, isn’t that true?

And will you really write off your daughter or son, just because they didn’t “vote for the one?”

At the end of the day, one candidate will win; And in a few years, we’ll start this nonsense again.

So, let’s be civil and kind and respect each other. Don’t let these candidates come between one another.

So, let’s be civil and kind and respect each other. Don’t let these candidates come between one another. #Election2020 #Vote #BeKind Click To Tweet

Neither are worth it, that’s a fact. They will move forward, but can you go back?

Can you go back to Facebook and try to repair; The friendship you trashed over this insane affair?

Election Day may find winners drinking with glee; And it may find some drinking; drowning their sorrow.

Yet united we stand, because on this we agree: Thank God this election is OVER tomorrow!

© Lynne Cobb – 2016; Revised 2020

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12 Replies to “T’was the Night Before the Election – again”

  1. So much of what you wrote 4 years ago is exactly the same now. But I do think that our lives will not go on as normal if there isn’t a change in president, and I do not think this will end today, I fear we’re in for a long period of backlash either way.

  2. Lynne,
    Words so eloquently written. Your post hits a lot of issues right on the head. There is so much unneeded division and separation caused by politics. I pray that some healing will come after the election. Thank you for these words of truth so beautifully stated.

  3. Perfectly said Lynne! And to think that was four years ago. It’s sad how we’ve become so divided and hateful. God did not intend for us to be like this. We’ve messed up and it’s going to take a long time to heal the wounds that were made these last few years. Why can’t we just accept people for who they are?

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