My super-awesome Bacon Tomato Tart

Bacon Tomato Tart – a match made in heaven!

A few summers ago, our garden was blessed with a beautiful bounty of tomatoes. In the spring, I had purchased a Goliath tomato plant at our local Farmer’s Market, and we couldn’t believe how enormously huge this plant grew. It was about a foot tall when we planted it, and it grew and grew – like a “tomato tree,” and was over 13 feet in height and probably four or five feet wide. We had way more than six dozen tomatoes from this plant!

So, what on earth did I do with all those tomatoes, especially when I don’t know how to can? (Gee, I wish I had learned from my grandmother!!) Well, first, we gave some away. And we had a lot of fresh slices in salads, on burgers and such. I made marina sauce as well as salsa – which was delicious! (That will be a subject for another post).

But I wanted to get really creative – and so I did. I made a Bacon Tomato Tart – and it was just wonderful. Fresh tomatoes along with freshly picked basil and oregano – yes, we grew herbs, too – made for a perfect showcase from our garden. Plus who doesn’t love bacon? There were no leftovers – even my teenagers loved it!

Pair this tart with a simple green salad, sliced fruit or grapes and some crunchy bread sticks, and you will have a meal that all will enjoy!

Bacon Tomato Tart

(Preheat oven to 350 degrees.)

1 unbaked pie crust shell (homemade or purchased)

12 oz of bacon – cooked until crisp. (reserve a few tablespoons of bacon drippings).

1/2 cup of chopped onion – saute in bacon drippings

6-8 oz of soft mozerella, shredded or cubed

one large tomato, sliced thin

a few leaves of basil, cut into thin strips

Crumble the bacon into pie shell. Layer it with the onions and mozzarella;

add tomato and basil.

Mix together:

1 cup of milk, 4 eggs, salt, pepper and a few teaspoons of freshly chopped oregano. Pour over ingredients in pie shell.

Bake at 350 degrees for 55-60 minutes.

Mmmm! Delish!!

Cool slightly. Slice and enjoy.

Let me know if you try this Bacon Tomato Tart, and how you like it! Share in the comments section below!

© Lynne Cobb – 2014

9 Replies to “My super-awesome Bacon Tomato Tart”

  1. Lynne – Your Bacon & Tomato Tart sounds and looks awesome. I can’t get over the size of your tomato plant. That is one monster tomato “tree”. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Bob, that tomato tree will live in infamy! We’d never seen anything like it! Let me know if you and Darlinda make this recipe!

    1. Darlene – this is sooo simple! You can use a pre-made pie crust and even pre-cooked bacon!! So then it isn’t really cooking 😉

  2. As a vegetarian who sneaks bacon occasionally (LOL), I would bet this tart is absolutely wonderful. I think it would be perfect for a small family brunch, too. Son and husband would love it!

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