Good Memories and a Smile

Good memories
Good memories and a smile

“Grandmas never run out of hugs or cookies.” Author Unknown

Looking out the kitchen window, I watched my two granddaughters playing basketball with their uncles – my sons.

It wasn’t too long ago that I’d watch my boys out that same window, and now they are grown men. They have fond memories of that basketball hoop, and memories of the one-and-one games with each other; of games with their dad, my dad, cousins and countless friends. And a few memories of the times when I’d impress them by landing several baskets of my own, thank you very much.

I know my granddaughters love that hoop, too, because each time they are here, it is the first thing they ask to do, other than asking for their obligatory snack.

Watching them out on the driveway, I thought back – way back – of going to my grandmothers’ homes. I enjoyed some really good memories and a smile.

At my maternal grandma’s, I couldn’t wait to dig into her homemade canned pears and peaches. Or her date bars. On holidays, she’d bring this amazing fruited gelatin to add to the buffet, along with her sliced sweet potatoes that are still a holiday tradition. She made mini loaves of banana bread, cranberry bread and countless other things, along with canning the fruits and vegetables from her large garden.

I remember using certain drinking glasses and bowls at her house, and when I see similar items at antiques stores (did I date myself??) it brings back fond memories.

One time when we visited, my siblings and I were playing “tennis” in her yard, using badminton racquets and green apples from her tree. We weren’t so fond of the memory we made of the apple that found its way into her house via a window pane. I can still hear the sounds of shattered glass as shards and an apple flew into her house on an otherwise perfect summer day.

The warm summer months and the amazing aroma of sweet alyssum reminds me of her yard, as this pretty ground covering grew thick and lush in her rock garden.

Though my paternal grandmother didn’t bake much, she did make a delectable cake using Milky Way bars. It was the gooiest, richest chocolate cake I can ever remember eating. Her kitchen was stocked with goodies from the local bakery, and she also stashed candy in many places throughout her house.  One of my cousins was bold enough to be the one rifling through her cupboards and cabinets while the rest of us were on look-out in case she or Gramps caught wind of the great candy theft hunt.

Gram always had lemon-scented dish soap, and to this day, the smell of lemon in a kitchen takes me back to hers. She, too, had a green thumb, and had some of the most beautiful roses in her yard. She served dinner every day at 4:30 p.m. Every. Day. When I worked at the newspaper, I would pop over for dinner occasionally when my breaks were scheduled in my favor. As I’d leave to go back to work, she’d stuff candy in my hands to put in my purse “for later.” (If she did that when we were younger…just saying…)

The more I thought of my grandmothers – and my great-grandmothers – the more I missed them.

It was just a matter of a few minutes that I basked in decades of memories while I watched my granddaughters out my window, wondering what their favorite memories of visits to our house will be.

Will they remember my homemade cinnamon rolls or the cream cheese mints I make each Christmas?

Or will it be the tubs of toys and costumes still in the basement that belong to their mom, uncles and aunt? Will they remember the hangman game book, or playing Trouble or Sorry? Will they smile, thinking about how they enjoyed my Nutella and marshmallow sandwiches?

Or will they remember drinking out of the plastic Kool-Aid cups (with teeth marks on the rims) that are about 30 years old now, and will they get excited when they see them in an antique store years from now? Or will their favorite memories be of basketball games in the driveway?

Will they remember their Papa’s silly jokes and lots of laughter? Will the scent of lemons remind them of the hand soap in Mema’s kitchen? Or will it be something completely different that reminds them of their time spent here?

Whatever it is, I hope they remember that they ate well, giggled and laughed and above all else, were deeply loved. And one day, when they look out the window at their grandchildren, they, too, will enjoy good memories and a smile as they remember going to Mema’s.

© Lynne Cobb – 2016

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6 Replies to “Good Memories and a Smile”

  1. Oh, I loved this! There is nothing I like more than memories of past generations! And so many things trigger those memories. Smells. Sounds. Pictures. Wonderful!

  2. Ah! Memories of the “good ole days” expertly detailed. I began smelling and tasting some of the items you mentioned. It’s nice to sit back and remember what it was like when we were kids. Perhaps a little less rushed and a little quieter, but we still had our fun and our troubles). Thanks for posting.

  3. Beautiful. They will remember things with great sentiment, that you didn’t even think about. Aren’t grandchildren just the best!

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