For the love of Louie, please make it STOP!

“Win or lose, we go shopping after the election.” Imelda Marcos

Really, I am not trying to be arrogant here, but I believe that I speak for people across the globe when I say folks world-wide can’t wait for the polls to close here in the United States on Election Day.

Not that I think we are pro-actively wishing our lives away. Not at all. But whether you are a conservative or a liberal; a Democrat or Republican; a Coke or Pepsi drinker; a wine sipper or beer guzzler; a Target or Wal-Mart shopper; a vegan or carnivore…or what ever else separates us from one another, I believe we can all agree on this:

We can’t wait for Election Day 2012 to be over.

Have you ever felt so mentally weary?

Right now, I am thinking that giving birth without an epidural is less painful than this election. A root canal? Bring it on. We can safely outlaw waterboarding – just tie the bad guys up and force them to watch the past few months of election coverage. They’ll cry like babies and sing like canaries.

The madness is completely inescapable! My brain hurts from the barrage of negativity. Not one side can claim innocence on the continuous beating of this election drum. The droning is everywhere you turn: pundits on the local news, national news, billboards, yard signs, radio, TV. My home is no longer a refuge as the land-line and cell phones continue to ring off their proverbial hooks. My email inbox is jam-packed with junk, just like my mailbox. How many poor trees have died for this election?

If all the money that has been spent on this year’s election – both on the national and local levels – would have gone toward the bazillion dollar National Debt, we may have been able to pay that off AND go on a wickedly wild shopping spree.

For the first time in my life, I want to poke out my own eyes and stick large wads of bubble gum in my ears just to keep the election noise out.

And social media? Wow is all I can say. The rudeness factor is off the chart! How many friendships, work relationships and arguments at the family dinner have been caused by the mean-spiritedness found on Facebook, Twitter and the like. Folks, it is okay to have differing opinions – really, it is!

Campaign Finance Reform… yeah, that is laughable. It didn’t go far enough and it certainly isn’t enforced. (Gee, was it because it was written by those who abuse it? I digress…). If I was Queen of the World, my idea of reform would be that politicians couldn’t spend a dime to get elected or re-elected. (I know, I know, some of you whose livelihoods are dependent on advertising revenue and printing just cringed and gasped!) So maybe we can set a very low, and I mean very low, spending allowance on running campaigns. And once it is gone, it is gone. Oh by the way, the window for campaigning would be shortened, too.

Think of the creativity this would inspire! Talk show hosts and news anchors would have to find something else to talk about – what a concept! And how refreshing!

Closing my eyes, I think of how uncluttered our lives would be. Our brains wouldn’t be so taxed and we wouldn’t be so anxious. We could retain useful information. We wouldn’t have an ad created each time a candidate made a small mistake or when they sneezed the wrong way.

The bad moods would be elevated. Stress would be alleviated.

Why, we’d actually be able to think! Before we voted!

What a concept.

Looking forward to Wednesday…how about you?

© 2012 – Lynne Cobb

13 Replies to “For the love of Louie, please make it STOP!”

  1. Lynne – Right on!! We sure wish Wednesday was here already. The robo-calls have got to stop! We agree with you about a shorter campaign time limit, as well as a cap on funds being spent. Political winners seem to be those who have the most money – not necessarily the best qualifications. Maybe we should organize a new third party – just a thought!!

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