Oh the irony of the timing of “Make Your Dreams Come True Day”

Make Dreams Come True
Take a chance! Make Dreams Come True!

“Make Your Dreams Come True Day” is today!

Seriously, it is! I was Googling, “fun observances in January,” and ta-da, I found out that every year, January 13 is the day set aside to assess your dreams, goals and so forth. Makes sense to observe this in January as we begin a fresh new year.

According to timeanddate.com, “This unofficial holiday with unknown origins encourages people to be proactive about achieving what they want in life.”

Oh the irony! Could the timing of this year’s “Make Your Dreams Come True Day” be anymore perfect?

As I am busy writing, there are many folks waiting in a line somewhere, buying a Powerball ticket, hoping to win some or all of this evening’s projected – and historic – $1.3 billion jackpot. For those of us who planned ahead and are not standing in line, we can spend even more time dreaming on this day on how to make dreams come true.

I have to admit that the Powerball frenzy has been fun. I have chuckled at some people’s response to what they would do with the winnings. I have had great conversations with my adult children as to their plans to share the wealth – and they are including yours truly in their distribution plan. Suh-weet!

With all the tragedy and drama going on in the world; with the vile nonsense of folks divided along political party lines; with sports fans lining up and vying for opposite teams; with lousy winter weather and war and hunger and crime, it is beyond refreshing to have something fun to share with millions of others. Something that makes us smile and think positive!


Let’s face it – we have to marvel at how people will line up for what comes down to a snowball’s chance in hell (like that winter metaphor??) of winning. And yet, there is something intriguing about helping to make jackpot history a few bucks at a time.

“And may the odds be ever in your favor.” – The Hunger Games

In line, I have had the privilege of conversing with complete strangers who share their dreams with me. We wish each other luck. We promise to “share the wealth” with the person who sells us the winning ticket. Would we normally converse with these people? Probably not. We’d just go about our daily business. I’m enjoying this positive “we’re all in this together” bond.

There is an element of joy in fulfilling dreams of helping ourselves while we help others. The general consensus is we all hope that whoever wins is a “deserving” person. If I can speak for the general population, “deserving” in this case means that the winner will do good works with their earnings, making their corner of the world a better place to live.

Our hope is that the winner (or winners) will do good and right with our collective monies, because if we won, that is what we would do: Care for our families, pay our debts, feed the hungry, clothe the poor, shelter the homeless, encourage the downtrodden, comfort the sick, console the mourning, help start-up businesses, employ the unemployed. In other words: Be wise with what has been given.

Once upon a time, back when a lottery jackpot was big and we were busy dreaming, I asked my husband, “Do you think a huge windfall of money would change you?” And he said, “You’ll have to ask my lawyer.” We still laugh about that, but it is a good question.

Would that kind of money change you?

Of course it would! I would not be stressed about bills and securing my family’s future. We would definitely travel more! It would be easier to achieve a lot of our goals and dreams and hobbies that are many times not in the current budget. So yes, that would be a welcome change.

But in all honestly, I sincerely hope that winning a billion dollars wouldn’t change the core of me. And I don’t think it would. Seriously.

However, should I be clutching the lucky winning ticket in my grubby little hands, you will most definitely hear a statement from my public relations manager and lawyer in the morning! 🙂

Good luck, and have a fun, meaningful and productive “Make Your Dreams Come True Day!”

© Lynne Cobb – 2016

How will you make dreams come true today? Tackle a project? Buy a Powerball ticket? Feel free to share your hopes, dreams and aspirations in the comment section! And help make a blogger’s (that would be me) dreams come true by sharing this post using the social media buttons below! Thanks!


12 Replies to “Oh the irony of the timing of “Make Your Dreams Come True Day””

  1. Lynne – I can certainly relate to your posting. People do seem friendlier when standing in line waiting to buy their Powerball Tickets. There IS a sort of “team spirit” that someone from Michigan will win the big prize. I watched a TV interview with financial lawyers who stated that your money problems would change, but not go away. Instead of worrying about not having enough money, they said you would have the same amount of worries on how to handle the enormous sum of money you would receive. I still think worrying about having won a large sum of money would be more fun than worrying about not having enough money. This sure would change your assessment of your dreams and goals. Good luck! However, I think this is God’s way of making us reflect and be happy with what we do have instead of what we do not have!!

  2. As you noted, lottery winners seem to end up worse off than before they won the money. That being said, having even a snowball’s chance in hell at an amount of money I will never see otherwise sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe I will buy a ticket just to say I did.
    Anne Louise Bannon recently posted…Stray Thoughts: New Year ThoughtsMy Profile

  3. We had a customer who won. Big. He came in a bought a ton of asian antiques from us. Then returned a year later to ask us to sell them for him. Sadly went bankrupt.
    I don’t have a ticket as I’d have to drive across the border to get one. Silly excuse, I know. Do I still have time to get one? Hmmm…

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