Do your knees say no?

Do your knees say no?
What does ice cream have to do with knees? Read on…

 My knees. And how the only way they do not fail me is by providing fodder…

Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro?

It was a warm, sunny evening.

Peacefully sitting in the yard, that obnoxious song blared from the ice cream truck. It rambled up the street, with kids running out their doors, clutching dollar bills, screaming, “STOP!” Decades ago, I was doing the same thing; running, screaming “STOP,” clutching a quarter in my hand. That was back when my knees worked and a quarter bought more than 15 minutes in a parking meter.

These days, I wouldn’t be able to run after the ice cream truck if I tried. And trust me, I have tried.

I was a bit jealous of the kids standing in line for their ice cream. No cares in the world – just living moment by moment. And of course – ice cream. Probably eating it every day.

These days, I wouldn’t be able to run after the ice cream truck if I tried. And trust me, I have tried. Click To Tweet

As the truck left, the silly music started up again, blaring out of the speaker. And then, it was stuck in my head. All. Night. Long.

Do your ears hang low? Do they wobble to and fro?

I extracted myself from my chair to pour another glass of wine, while I cursed my aging joints. As that ridiculous song played on repeat in my brain, I penned my own song. Sing along, if you like!

Do your knees feel old?

Do your knees feel old?
Do you wonder if they’ll hold?
Do they try to call the shots?
Do they creak when it gets cold?
Can you fathom growing older,
as arthritis takes on over?
Do your knees feel old?

Do your knees feel spry?
Can you kick them way up high?
Do they hurt when they won’t bend,
Landing you on your ol’ rear-end?
Can you summon up the courage
To laugh and not feel so damn discouraged?
Do your knees feel spry?

Do your knees make a pop
When you are walking ‘round the block?
Can you wear your favorite shoes,
Or do your knees just make you blue?
Are they making you for certain
That you’ll always be a-hurtin’?
Do your knees go pop?

A toast! To my knees! May you continue to provide me with the fodder I need to continue writing.

PS – I’d like to take this moment to ask for your forgiveness as this song plays on a loop in your head all day long. And if you want to read another silly song I wrote, click HERE.  😉

© Lynne Cobb – April 2018

Do you play with lyrics? It is one of my favorite writing prompts. Share if my song is now stuck in your head!!

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14 Replies to “Do your knees say no?”

  1. Lalalalalalala … That’s my futile attempt to get that song out of my head! Thanks for that, Lynne! Great poem! I have to say my knees are pretty good. But. My back is quite another thing. And the delightful bunion on my left foot ensures that I no longer reach for my favorite shoes. However, I do reach for wine with ease … Wishing you: Knees, ease, please.

  2. Great post, Lynne. I love your song lyrics. Just reading your story made my knees hurt. We learned that even after total knee replacement, the pains do not go away totally. Just part of aging, However, arthritis should be a 4 letter word. I agree that wine certainly helps!!

  3. As I sit here singing this song, I am resting what used to be the “good” knee which now has a torn meniscus. At least I’ll hobble evenly now!

  4. I love song parodies, and yet I’ve never even thought to do that on my own blog. You are an inspiration! Plus the pull-quote with the Twitter link. Genius! I hope you will consider imitation the sincerest form of flattery, because I am full of great ideas now, thanks to your creativity.

    I would give you a standing ovation, but my knees hurt too much!

    1. Wow, Laurie! Thank you so very much. Your comment means so much! Have fun writing! Song parodies are a blast!! Make sure you share your post with me!!

  5. I love parody. I think like Dr Seuss and was a total misfit in my former poetry group. Only rhyming poet. I’ve thought about turning those poems into children’s books. Hmm. I’m so happy to connect. I think between your Instagram and Blog I’m seeing lots of commonalities. My blog is all about a light look at life. Might as well laugh. Sorry we missed connecting at EBWW. Nice to meet you now.

    1. Hi Lisa! I will definitely check out your blog. I’m another poet who loves to rhyme . So glad we connected. I miss EBWW. Such a wonder experience!

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