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I’m excited to share that I have an essay in the collection, What I Do to Get Through: How to Run, Swim, Cycle, Dew or Sing Your Way Through Depression, by James Withey. Proceeds from this book will benefit mental health care non-profits in Scotland, which was exciting to me, as I have ancestors from Scotland, and I’m a passionate mental health care advocate.

The book was published in February, 2021. Order your copy now by clicking on this link or here for Kindle.  (Please note: the Links are Amazon affiliate links. The small residual income helps me run my website. Thank you!)

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An essay of mine has been selected to be part of the anthology, Feisty after 45 – The Best Blogs from Midlife Women. It’s available on Amazon and Kindle, or if you live in the area, drop me a line through my contact page, and we can arrange a drop off. Take a few moments to indulge in a few laughs, a few tears and a few “a-ha” moments from women in mid-life!

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