Yep – that was me sneezing when I caught the inch of dust that had settled on my blog spot! I haven’t written anything on this page in almost a year. Wow. A year. Well, I’d like to say that nothing happened in that time, but, well, that isn’t at all true. I had started the blog to give myself and others a place to come to for support with aging parents – particularly, parents with dementia and Alzheimer’s. I also thought blogging would be a good way for me to expand my journalistic horizons. Good reasons to start writing. Sadly, I didn’t keep up with the blog for a few reasons – the biggest reason was that my dad was hospitalized for a month, and then passed away.

As I start to get back to life, I am doing some cleaning – both around the house and around the soul. I’ve noticed I left a lot of things that I just left hanging – this blog, knitting projects, not calling and setting lunch dates with friends, not scheduling dental appointments, etc. I am sure this lag of is all part of the grieving process. Oh sure, important things were handled, like paying bills and grocery shopping and attending school events. But in other areas, well, let’s say that the dust settled.

As a new spring season begins with energy anew, it seems somewhat fitting to begin to pop back into life from a long winter’s nap. Look for more frequent posts, and as always, feel free to leave me a n

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ote – especially if you can relate to this post.


He said my name

What is in a name? We all know a name is important, and I don’t even need to cite research regarding the importance of one’s name.

One devastating part of Alzheimer’s Disease is when a patient no longer remembers family members’ names. In fact, my dad is at the point where he is familiar with a face, but usually can’t put a name with it. He hasn’t used my name in quite some time. In fact, the last time I heard him say my name was over a year ago. I called my parents’ house, he answered the phone, and said to my mother, “Lynne’s on the phone.” Somehow, my voice matched up with the name.

More recently, he asked “Where’s Lynne?” as I stood right next to him. In that moment, he didn’t know who I was. When I responded, “I’m right here,” he gave me a look that was a combination of disbelief and bewilderment.

I’ve come to accept that. There are a few people he instantly recognizes. Others just confuse him. The randomness of a lucid moment adds to the mystery of the disease.

But, isn’t there always hope in a new day? I stopped at my parents’ house for a quick visit. Dad was just finishing up eating. I sat in the living room, waiting for him to wander in. And that’s exactly what he did – empty plate in his hand, shuffling through the kitchen, he wandered right over to me.

“Lynne, what should I do with this?” he asked, handing me his plate and fork. I was dumbfounded! I couldn’t speak for a moment because my face was locked into an enormous smile!

I don’t remember much after that, as I basked in the sheer joy of having my dad really recognize me. I guess I had resigned myself to the fact that he’d never say my name. And, I was okay with that, since I know that his not using my name, or anyone else’s, isn’t his choice. With this disease, sometimes you just have to come to terms and accept what you never thought you’d have to accept.

And sometimes you are blessed with an unexpected gift!

Random ramblings…

New to blogging, I am trying to add pages while trying to overcome this serious writer’s block! (Why is it that while I am driving around town, great ideas pop into my head. And just as I sit down to share my profound thoughts with the world – poof! – gone!)

But back to the pages I am trying to add…I’m trying to figure out how to add pages so that I can post other topics in addition to my “Random Ramblings.” Useful pages, like dealing with loved one’s facing serious issues. I cite my dad’s Alzheimer’s…a friend’s unemployment that is leading to a financial scare, etc. You get the idea. I’m looking for posts as to how others deal with life curveballs.

I also want to add a “blessings” page, so that we never forget that even when things appear bleak, we’ve been blessed beyond measure.

So, wish me well as I continue to expand my blogging horizons!


A-ha! I have entered into a new phase of writing! My blog will be a combo of random writings, links and previously published articles. Be patient with me as I navigate around building my blog!

Welcome to my blog

My first blog post, and I get writer’s block. Oh well, such is life. So many changes this year, and writing online is one of them.

Stop by my blog when you can. I’ll be posting many quips about dealing with change, as that seems to be my life’s theme at the moment. But then, isn’t that really what life is all about? Change – and how we deal with it.