A quick apology…

I’m pretty frustrated at the moment. After writing a post, and then hitting publish, the only thing that appeared were the bullet points I had used. I mean, just the actual bullet symbols! My word count was “zero,” the photos were gone, and basically a blank page was sent into cyber space with a link to nowhere! UGH! WOOF! I apologize to anyone who questioned their sanity when clicking onto nothing! I am just loving the fact that all that work is just gone, gone, gone.

So, my motivation to re-write it has been zapped. And honestly, it is such a pretty day, that I am not planning to waste another minute worrying about that post. I’ll save that for a rainy day.

Has anyone else experienced that same problem? Where you typed, used spellcheck, added photos, hit “publish” and nothing posted, other than the title? And a series of empty bullet points? Let me know if you have. It’s probably too late for me to fix, because, well, I was so mad I hit “move to trash.” So the blank page was gone, along with the time I’ll never get back.

If this is my only challenge of the day, I’ll count myself very lucky indeed!

8 Replies to “A quick apology…”

  1. : ) Count yourself lucky!

    The Lord just showed you the importance of c/p -ing or “back-up, back-up, back-up”. It’s all still new to you and you’re doing a fantastic job!

    As I assume your dad would have said; Cover Your Butt!

    Hope you enjoyed your day~
    ox n

  2. Hit PUBLISH once and everything disappeared…still don’t where it is…but I’m thinking maybe it was not that great of a post…lol.

    Be encouraged!

  3. Not sure what happened, or how to explain it. I use a Word Press blog, and haven’t encountered that problem — though I do need to update to the newest version. Sad to say, when things go wrong on my blog, it’s usually my fault 🙁

    1. I was the darndest thing! The title and empty bullet points – no content copy. So weird. Of course, this was the first time ever I didn’t “save draft.” Guess I learned a valuable lesson – hahaha 🙂

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