I started this blog in 2010, when my dad’s Alzheimer’s was rapidly progressing. My thought was to create a forum for those going through the same difficulties as I was. Misery loves company, right?

Now, a few years later, my blog is more like the column I used to write in a weekly community paper: a mix of life, family and my opinion; navigating the changes in the industry I love – print journalism.

I have been writing for over twenty-five years, mainly in print media. My journey as a “real writer” started when I became a regular contributor for my community’s weekly. The editor of the Mirror Newspapers took a chance on a column I wrote for Christmas. His generosity led me to other fantastic writing opportunities. Before budget cuts ended a wonderful weekly magazine, my readers could find my articles in the pages of the Detroit Free Press – Twist.  I have had op-eds published in major dailies, a series of columns published in Military Spouse Magazine and a few stints as an associate editor for a local newspaper as well MetroParent magazine. I even had some articles in the Royal Oak Patch. Most recently, I have had articles published in Guideposts’ Angels on Earth and the Easter Ideals 2015. As life changes, I’m learning to adapt to big changes, such as creating an on-line writing presence, in addition to adjusting to many family issues.

I thank God for my life and my talents. Hope you enjoy my blog. Input from readers is welcome!

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  1. Lynne,

    Your cousin Elizabeth send me this message:

    “Hi Elaine,

    I wanted to share my cousin’s blog with you. You may be able to connect with her personally (and professionally).

    http://lynnecobb.com/he-said-my-name/ Elizabeth”

    We connected on Linked-In last month and I’ve written an article for her site about marketing as a debut author. I did check out your blog as she suggested and specifically the article about “He said my name”.

    I welcome connecting if you’re interested. My direct email is elainep@iwillneverforgetbook.com I’ve wrote several article about misinterpreting the words of someone with dementia if you’re possibly interested in the concept. Most can’t be reposted as-is but can be re-written.


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